How To Order

First time shopping with Redclick Online? Select your preferred product and follow the simple steps to place your order. Use your Desktop, Tablet or Moblie placing an order on our website just follow 6 easy steps.

How To Order





How To Order


How to order Step 1


Step 1.
Select the product you would like to purchase,choose what
Colour you interested and Add to Cart.





How to order Step 2

Step 2.
After Add to Cart, it will pop out a checkout list and click
on Check Out





Step 3.
After click on CHECKOUT, you will reach to Shopping cart. Inside Shopping cart you are able to see how many product, you have added to cart.
Below the list of your product, you can apply your Coupon Code or Gift Voucher (Optioner).After you confirmed the product click on Checkout.







Step 4.
If you do not have register on Redclick Online before,
you can register RedClick Online on the sport in Customer
Info page.After fill up your address detalis, will only shown
click on Continue to Shipping Method.







Step 5.
Choose the Shipping Methods that you Prefer, Redclick
offered Cash On Delivery (COD) and Courier Service.

Purchase up to RM 30 will get Free Shipping.*





Online Payment


Step 6.

After select the Shipping Method, choose you prefered
Payment Method. Please select Cash On Delivery during
Shipping Method only, other wise we will not proceed
your order.


Credit Card / Dredit Card
Via Ipay88 (Visa or Mastercard / Internet Banking) 


For Bank Transfer
Please bank-in cheque/cash to the following account :
Payment / Bank Account Information


Name of bank: Public Bank
Account number: 3202203306
Pay to: Redclick Online Sdn Bhd









How To Upload Receipt.


How to Upload Receipt Step 1
Step 1.
On your bottom side, under My Account there will have a Receipt Upload.






How to upload receipt step 2
Step 2.
After you click on Receipt Upload, you will reach page Payment Notification. On Payment Notification Customers required to fill up

details and upload pay slip to acknowledge payment made.

Note: Email Address must be same as the email address of the order.*