Products Info

Q1. What type of product that REDCLICK ONLINE store selling? 

A1.  We are selling the best quality of mobile gadgets, tablets and accessories in the market online which you'll hardly find in the market. click here to check it out!


Q2. Is the mobile devices that REDCLICK ONLINE selling are original set?
A2. All our products are guaranteed integrity and safety on the internet with 100% authentic and genuine.   


Q3. Is the devices are Global / International Set?
A3. All devices are selling in Malaysia Set covered by Nationwide warranty.


Q4. How can I clarify it's a original handset instead of refurbished?
A4. You can verify your IMEI / MEID barcode sticker where located at your devices original package box matching with your physical devices in setting > About > IMEI or dial 8#06#


Q5. Is that compulsory I getting FREE gift for every purchase?
A5. No. All FREE gift is based on the promotion in time to time. All is up to our manufacture supplied terms and conditions apply.  


Q6. Any Discount If I purchase a bulk quantities of item?
A6. No. All price had been fixed / Nett price in our website. 


Q7. Can I change my FREE gift to other item because it does not useful for me?
A7.  No. All FREE gift is bundle with your purchase item and can't be change.


Q8. Can I reserve / KIV the Item that I'm interested to purchase?
A8.  No. You are unable to reserve the item and all item is while stock last that first come first serve.


Q9. Can get discount instead of FREE gift?
A9.  No. The promotion had been fixed by bundling package.


Q10. Will all your mobile devices are sealed box?
A10.  In generally, we will always unseal the devices for quality and checking purpose.